Are Youtube videos playing directly in for you? I get audio only. I have to share them with Fennec or Newpipe to watch them.

@mase idk, can you send a yt-link please, so I can test it?

@mase OK, I just needed something to click on. There's no yt in my timeline.
But since @tom79 already looks into it, I won't be much help ;)

@tom79 idk, I usually don't use my phone to watch videos. I'll happily check any links you guys can provide.
I'd use a oneplus2 with lineage 15.1 and latest Mastalab from F-Droid
// @mase

Sound: ok
Video: ok
Change resolution: ok
Skip back/forward: ok


@tom79 @dennix Yes, this video plays inside the app without problems.

@tom79 @dennix No, I can watch YT in Fennec and Newpipe. In ML I can hear audio, but there is a grey and black stillpicture with a huge play button.

That's weird... If only YT videos don't work. I will keep to investigate that bug. For sure, it comes from the webview component. Is it up-to-date?

@tom79 @dennix I have Omnirom 8.1.0 without Gapps. Maybe not up-to-date, but surely ok. If you are sure, that this is not a ML bug, don't waste time for it. I can deal with this issue.

I can't say it's not a Mastalab bug without deeper investigations :)
I am surprised that it doesn't work on a recent device.
You can play them with other browsers installed on your device without GP services, so it doesn't come from here.
Also, you can play peertube videos without any issues.
Could you try to use your favorite browser in incognito mode with yt, Mastalab built-in browser works like that.


@tom79 @dennix If you mean a private tab in Fennec (Firefox), then yes, YT videos play here. I tried all possible resolutions in Newpipe. They all play.

You might have issues on older devices. I will try to fix that.

@tom79 I have a XperiaX with Omnirom 8.1.0. But the issue seems to be with Youtube only.

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